GovMaker Conference

GovMaker Conference

GovMaker 2019, April 29-30, Fredericton Convention Centre


GovMaker V: Population and Economic Growth through Open Democracy

The New Brunswick Social Policy Research Network (NBSPRN) is proud to host the 5th annual GovMaker Conference on April 29-30, 2019! GovMaker advances open government theory and practice by mobilizing knowledge, creating cross-sector relationships and building the capacity of citizens and governments to engage in open dialogue, open data, and open collaboration.

This year’s conference will take place over two days along three policy streams: population growth, economic growth and healthy aging. The conference will be comprised of presentations and panels sharing knowledge and theories, and will include workshops designed to share tools, resources and experiences in open government practice.

Whether you are a government employee, a businessperson, a researcher, a student, a community non-profit, or a policy-maker in any sphere, the GovMaker Conference will bring you actively into the latest conversation on open government. And you will leave us with new tools and connections.

GovMaker V will be sharing stories and experiments that demonstrate how citizens and governments have been putting theory into practice through the power of data and evidence, design thinking and citizen engagement. 

Evidence – One cannot overestimate the critical importance of data and evidence relative to open government. As we move towards more inclusive policy development and decision making, data and other evidence are essential to facilitate evidence-based dialogue.  We want to hear from those in government, community and academia working to facilitate more open government through evidence- based decision making.

Design thinking: putting citizens/users at the centre – Citizens today expect more transparent, accessible, and responsive services from the public sector. And those expectations are rising. Part of the problem is that despite their best intentions, many governments continue to deliver services based on their own requirements and processes instead of the needs of the people they serve. Forward-thinking governments are taking a step back—thinking carefully about what citizens want and investing in novel and more effective ways of delivering those outcomes. Tell us your success stories – and your agile experiments in which you failed small, failed fast, and learned the path to success.

We are especially looking for innovation with a user centred policy and process design in the policy areas of population growth, economic growth and healthy aging.

People Power: Citizen Engagement – The heart of any government is people: the people it serves and the people who do the work to serve. Uniting those two groups in a practical way will prove that one plus one can be more than two. Whether in policy or service creation, all parties should have an avenue to be part of the design. Citizens are demanding from government what they get from other sectors: digital services that are personalized and always accessible. Who better to help government design them? And how can government leverage that passion and expertise to look beyond service design and collaborate with citizens to solve public problems? Bring us your stories of service co-design, crowdsourcing, prizes/challenges, public/social innovation labs, and things as yet untried.

GovMaker 2015

By bringing together academic researchers, students, policy-makers as well as members of the public, private and not-for-profit sectors, the 2015 GovMaker Conference not only lead to great collaboration in the development of data-driven social and economic policy, e-citizen and e-governance but also inspired new and creative ways to tackle some of the province’s biggest challenges. The two-day conference offered concurrent sessions within the two streams: 21st century citizenship and 21st century governance.

View the 2015 GovMaker Conference videos here:

 GovMaker 2014

In 2014, the conference featured high profile speakers Beth Noveck, founder of GovLab and former United States deputy CTO for open government, global industry leader and author Paul Macmillan, and the Chief Information Officer of New Brunswick Christian Couturier among many others, offering an unparalleled opportunity to interact with the top influencers in open data and open government. You can view last year’s sessions and learn more about the speakers at

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